Our Partners


Norfield partners represent some of the most experienced and respected state notification centers in the industry. The combined experience of our partners translates to creative solutions built on a thorough understanding of the changing industry and technological needs.

Strength in numbers

Nine states and thousands of users nationwide rely on the stability of Norfield products on a daily basis. Partners have access to all Norfield products that have been developed specifically to address the damage prevention community. The notification center partners have a vested interest in the success of Norfield and dedicate resources to insure that new products and enhancements are developed with the entire group in mind. The goal is to always improve products, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and move toward a higher degree of inter-state compatibility.

40 years of providing industry solutions

The catalog of products has been road tested by some of the largest companies and notification centers in the United States. Norfield employees are dedicated to providing best in-class service and software to the partners as they have since the beginning.

Norfield establishes priorities

Does your current one-call software vendor treat you like one of their many customers or do they treat you like an owner? Norfield partners establish the priorities for the company as it relates to upgrades and new enhancements. This means every partner works together to determine the priorities for the direction of the product.

You are an owner of the company

This not only means that you maintain an equity investment in Norfield Development Partners LLC, but you also maintain better control of your notification center’s destiny. Owners have voting rights and help direct the future of Norfield to address priorities and respond to new opportunities.

Our Partner Locations