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Our Story

Why we built WebTMS.

WebTMS is a multi-center, web based One Call Ticket Management System for receiving locate request tickets, managing locator workflow and assignments, transmitting positive responses back to the originating One Call Center, transmitting notifications to excavators, and providing metrics for managers to effectively manage their locate teams and response times. We built WebTMS as a solution for the ever increasing volume of locate tickets overwhelming utilities and locators. WebTMS was designed for utility members to efficiently and effectively manage locate ticket requests received from multiple One Call Centers and states. We put all of the tickets in a simple layout so that your work is seamless and efficient, which results in higher productivity for you and your locators.

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Our Tech


10 Million+ Tickets Handled Annually.

Locate request tickets are at the core of what we have being doing for over 35 years. Norfield has engineered software to create, manage and deliver tickets efficiently to utility and locate companies, while at the same time providing a system to manage the tickets via our WebTMS product. Norfield systems are used by some of the highest ticket volume “one call systems” in the U.S.

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Our technology covers the most important aspects of the industry, ensuring that our clients can manage locate requests quickly, accurately, and effectively. We use technology to manage the complexity so that you don’t have to.It’s quick, efficient and accurate. We work to put you in the right place for safety and compliance.

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1,000? 10,000? 1,000,000? WE GOT THIS. 💪

Whether you are a one-person shop or a cast of thousands our systems will make your job easier and more efficient.

Our systems manage over 10,000,000 locate requests annually, and that number continues to grow.

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It's your data.
We just help you manage it and get more value from it. If you need to download it, it’s simple. Our highest concern is protecting our clients. We work to ensure that your data is always highy secure and protected.

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Our sophisticated tools have been developed over decades to provide a suite of powerful options for describing your utilities - above or below ground - and accurately representing excavation areas.

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Our solutions come with over a hundred and fifty years of industry experience that bring bold new ideas to the market. With Norfield, you get the wisdom of the past plus the modern tech standards of the future.

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For decades Norfield has delivered highly accurate, extremely fast systems to the damage prevention industry. Years of building successful programs has given us the unique ability to have products that are up and running quickly, saving you time and money. We focus on interacting with our clients to deliver the best possible product at the lowest cost.

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We make your complex world simpler. From creation to delivery and management of Locate Request Tickets, we make it simple.

Our products are easy to set up so that you can get started quickly. Working directly with our clients gives us the advantage of building just the right tools for the job.

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